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S E C O N D   S H O O T I N G


I'm so excited to work with you at a wedding soon! Below are just a few tips and tricks to keep in mind as we work together to make the wedding as smooth and easy as possible. I've included some pictures for reference, but please let me know if you have any questions before the wedding day!

1. Show up early
Please show up about 15 minutes early so you are able to get the memory cards from me, meet the bridal party, and begin promptly when you are asked to be there. I totally understand that things come up and traffic is unpredictable, but I ask that you allot for extra drive time when considering when to leave so you get to the venue on time.

2. Dress professionally
I always wear dark colors and most often will wear a black dress or jumpsuit to look professional. Please do not wear shorts or a low-cut top, and if you are ever questioning an outfit choice, it is probably not the best thing to wear! I also ask that you wear a watch to keep track of time throughout the day so you are not constantly checking your phone. If you need to check your phone at any point, please do it away from guests. 

3. Help the lead photographer 
Photographing side angles, details, guests, and groomsmen is just one of the many ways you can help on a wedding day. I will also need help carrying bags and equipment, grabbing members of the bridal party and family who may be MIA for portraits, moving furniture out of the background of photos, and keeping track of time. I will give you a timeline of the day before you arrive so that you have an idea of what the day will look like, and I ask that you help me stay on top of that so that we ensure all of the necessary images are taken in the time allotted. 

4. Take behind the scenes images
I love having my second shooters take behind the scenes images of me in action on a wedding day. I may have you take my phone at one point to get a BTS video, but otherwise just take a few photos of me shooting portraits!

5. Keep an eye out for where I am so we get different angles and clean shots
Be aware of where I am standing and make sure that you are not directly across from me, as you will then be in the background of my images and I will be in the background of yours. I would love for you to get different angles of each shot than me as long as we are not getting in each other’s photos. Side angles and detail shots are the most important types of photos for you to get while I am photographing portraits. Below are some examples of what I am looking for. If I am shooting wide, I ask that you shoot with a telephoto. For example, I usually shoot portraits on a 50mm lens, so I would ask you to shoot on an 85mm or something similar. 

6. Focus on details
Speaking of details, it is easy for me to miss little things on a fast and crazy wedding day, so I would love for you to point out these things if you notice them! For example, a bridesmaid might need to adjust her bouquet so the flowers face front, a tie may be crooked or a jacket unbuttoned, the bride’s dress may need to be fluffed, or a big piece of hair or string may be in the bride or groom’s face. Noticing and fixing (or telling me) about these details will be a big help!

7. Camera tips
- First and foremost, always shoot in RAW! 
- When you arrive at a wedding, try to remember to remind me to time sync our cameras. I often forget to do this, but this is so important to make editing easier later on so that the images show up in order of when we took them. 

General Second Shooting Rules: 
If any issues arise on the wedding day, always let me know. As the lead photographer, I will handle any problems with the guests, bridal party, or vendors so inform me before trying to take care of it yourself.
No soliciting. As a second shooter, you are not allowed to market yourself at a wedding or give anyone your business card. If asked, please only mention Megan Wormald Photography. 
When posting images to social media, do not friend or tag the bride, groom, or bridal party on any platform. Vendors should also not be tagged or mentioned on any posts.

T I P S   F O R   P H O T O G R A P H I N G

T H E   G R O O M   &   G R O O M S M E N

Getting Ready Shots

1. Focus on getting photos of the groom putting on his shoes, tie, jacket, and watch, both close-up and full body shots. 

2. Have the best man or the groom's dad help him put his jacket and/or tie on and take photos of this! It’s ok to have them do this more than once to make sure you get a good getting ready photo of them. 

3. Make sure to get the details in addition to standard portraits!


Indoor Lighting Tips

Getting ready spaces can be dark with harsh lighting. When picking a spot for getting ready portraits, position the groom perpendicular to a window with a clean, light background to ensure that the light is even around him and lighting his face. Open all the blinds in the space and turn off any lamp or ceiling lights to avoid any orange light. 

Groom Portrait Poses:

1. Hands in pockets straight on
2. Sit down, leaning forward on his elbow
3. Walking
4. Buttoning jacket (button, unbutton, button, unbutton - in order to get the image you want!)

5. One hand on his lapel, looking at camera and looking off to the side.


Outdoor Lighting Tips

All formal portraits (anything other than getting ready shots) should be taken outdoors. In direct sunlight, try to find some shade with even lighting in the background. Avoid extremely light backgrounds if the subjects' faces are in a dark shade spot, and avoid dark backgrounds when the subjects' faces are light. 


1. Introduce yourself to all groomsmen while they get ready and build a relationship with them!
2. Groomsmen are often silly and joke around a lot with each other. Feed on that and use that to get them to laugh for more candid images!

3. Key poses for groom/groomsmen portraits:

a. Single, straight line

b. V formation

c. Walking

d. Pick the groom up

4. The groom should always be in the center, or point, of the image.

5. Make sure to take BOTH vertical and horizontal pictures of all the poses you do!

6. After you're finished getting groom/groomsmen full group shots, take a photo of each individual groomsmen with the groom! Take both a smile at the camera shot and a funny picture for them to use.


O T H E R   S H O O T I N G   T I P S


Photographing while I am doing bridal party portraits

1. No need to take a bunch of photos while I am taking photos of everyone smiling at the camera. Take a few detail shots, but mainly take that time to make sure everyone is looking at me, bouquets are in the right place, guys hands are in pockets, etc.
2. When the bridal party is turning and laughing at each other or walking, take close-up side angles! I will be getting the whole bridal party, so close-ups of certain people from the side is helpful.

Cocktail Hour Tips

1. Walk around and take candids of people talking, getting drinks, etc.
2. Ask groups of people if they’d like their photo taken together.
3. Get some close-ups of people as well as far away shots of the entire cocktail hour space.


Photographing while I am doing couple portraits

1. Take close-ups from side angles! Focus on details, such as the groom's hands on the bride's back, rings, bouquet, and dress detailing. 

2. I ask that you always shoot couple portraits with an 85mm, 70-200mm, or a lens that is similar to these focal lengths so that your images will vary from mine.

If you have any questions or need clarification on something, let me know! I can't wait to work together soon!

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